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Budweiser and Doritos

November 13th, 2007 Alex

Alex was so awesome… He used to call me randomly at night and told me that he was close by. He had stopped at the ABC store and got some Buds and some Doritos for us. Then we used to watch movies or soccer games at my parents house.
Today my wife asked me to go get some Doritos at the store. Thinking about the request and how fresh it felt, how present, made me believe that all this time I have wanted to go back to the person I was before. I just realized that Alex impacted my life in such a way that I will never be able to be the same. He showed me a real and true approach to Christ’s love. He gave me his time and his effort, sometimes his money and he shared his dreams. Isn’t that really what a relationship with Christ should be? So many people out there, including myself, are trying to teach about Christ, about his love, about his grace. But we don’t have 20 minutes to love somebody else but ourselves.
When you think about Alex Castro, do you, like me, think about the boldness that comes from knowing Christ personally or about the strength that flows from loving instead of talking?
Today I think about how many times I forget about everything that matters. If I could talk to Alex again I would tell him that I miss his boldness. I miss his perspective and how refreshing it was to me to see his faith; how fantastic was to experience his relationship with Christ.

Banderas, none of us deserve Heaven, but you definitely deserved it much more than I.

in him,

Alex Centeno.