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Merry Christmas Brother

December 27th, 2007 Alex

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! You know, Alex and I used to go to my parents house for Christmas Eve. We would sit down and eat like no other time in the year and after that we would play some fuzz ball or something else.

Today, thinking about this Christmas and how Alex’s blog has started to slow down, I think too that Christ life is precisely the same. When we first know Jesus we fall in love with him deeply. But as time passes, we start to forget what is important in our lives. We start forgetting that life is only temporary and heaven is eternal.

When I used to talk to Alex it was evident that Christ was not only a temporary trend for him, Jesus was his savior and his master. It was impossible to talk to Alex and forget for a second what was most important to him.
I pray that I feel the same urge to pursue God as he did. I pray today that God would give me a desire to follow him and to teach others to follow him as well. In that way I feel I would honor Alex’s desires too.

Banderas, during this time of happiness and celebration in heaven, please remember my friendship and please help protect and love those who depend on me.